#025 How VC's Vet AI Investments w/ Michael Bommarito

Manny Bernabe2022-06-23

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Michael is an adviser, entrepreneur, educator, and investor. In 2018, he exited his company LexPredict, an legal/NLP company. His latest venture licens.io helps startups and investors navigate the buying and selling process.

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  • The Data Science Workflow (YouTube)
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Wikipedia)
  • FTC Takes Action Against Company Formerly Known as Weight Watchers for Illegally Collecting Kids’ Sensitive Health Data (FTC)

Time Stamps

01:46 What’s going on in broader VC space today?

04:11 A re-focus on free cashflow, profitability and sustainability

08:23 Fast revenue versus long-term scale

14:45 Fast wins for AI companies

17:41 Coming AI oligopoly?

21:20 Pure AI bell weather private companies

26:21 Framing business value for AI and machine learning

36:10 Spotting real AI value moats in private companies

43:20 Regulatory risks for AI

47:52 Data science process

49:16 Legal council or risk manager awareness of AI risk

58:42 Coming AI winter?

1:01:42 The future of open-source AI

1:02:05 The long-term AI economic moat component: Data

1:05:12 Connecting with Michael

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