#026 Selling Digital Transformation w/ Charlotte Fuller

Manny Bernabe2022-07-11

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Charlotte is a digital transformation strategy consultant and sales coach. She is helping traditional technology providers make the leap to a strategic, consultative-led teams delivering digital transformation services.

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Charlotte Fuller

Digital Transformation Sales School


00:00 — Charlotte Fuller, Digital Transformation Sales Expert

01:33 Why digital transformation needs selling

06:01 — Getting at a shared vision for digital transformation

08:42 — Crafting good workshops

13:07 — Selling digital transformation to executive versus front-line operators

21:21 — Focus on benefits over features

24:55 — How technology providers can start selling digital transformation

27:23— Low hanging fruit for manufacturing digital transformation

30:43 — Trade offs between “getting duck in a row” and showing value

33:27— What technology vendors get wrong about selling digital transformation

35:53— Cultivating stakeholder relationships

39:53 — Extending your footprint within an organization

44:02— The Digital Transformation School

48:42 — Stay focused on the people side of digital transformation

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