#030 Unlocking Business Value with AI at the Edge (IoT) w/ Ben Jacques

Manny Bernabe2022-09-29

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I’m joined by Ben Jacques to talk about the keys to successful machine learning in IoT. Ben is Director of Engineering for SpinDance, which specializes in architecting, building and managing connected smart products. ⚡LINKS

  • Connect w/ Ben Jacques on LinkedIn
  • Get in touch with SpinDance
  • Introducing the EON Tuner: Edge Impulse's New AutoML Tool for Embedded Machine Learning (EdgeImpulse)
  • Amazon SageMaker | The Internet of Things on AWS (AWS)
  • UV Angel Adapt (UV Angel)


02:02 What possible with AI at the Edge (IoT)

06:26 AI at start-ups versus established firms

09:16 Internal sales for AI ⭐

11:34 Evolution of AI tool ecosystem

13:00 Edge Impulse Eon Tuner

21:26 Version Control for Data

25:25 When AI is NOT a good fit

29:38 User Feedback on AI + IoT prototypes

37:28 Proving feasibility for AI + IoT

39:54 Biggest challenges in AI + IoT ⭐

46:40 Use Case: UV Adapt

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