#022 Building IoT Digital Twins With Palantir Foundry w/ Kai Altstaedt

Manny Bernabe β€’ 2022-05-03

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00:00:00 β€” START 00:02:49 β€” What is a digital twin? 00:09:25 β€” Challenges in implementing digital twins 00:12:48 β€” Where is the value for companies? 00:13:40 β€” Palantir Foundry for multiple workflows 00:15:24 β€” Kai’s background 00:17:45 β€” Overview of Palantir Foundry 00:22:17 β€” Access control in Foundry 00:25:03 β€” Ontology (object layer) 00:33:50 β€” Digital Twin competition 00:40:25 β€” Kai’s New Book! πŸ†•πŸ“•πŸ’₯ 00:48:30 β€” Wish list for Foundry Features 00:51:15 β€” Why Foundry be widely adopted? 00:54:50 β€” Up next for Kia and where to connect

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