#016 Practical AI: From IndyCar Racing to the Boardroom

Manny Bernabe2022-03-24


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TIME CODES 00:02:01 — Alex at SXSW 00:06:15 — How to get started with AI 00:10:12— Human Augmented Intelligence 00:18:00— When AI is not the answer 00:23:54— Getting ROI on digital transformation 00:28:44— Identifying what data to capture 00:30:43— Aligning AI to strategic business goals 00:39:19— Prototyping AI concepts 00:45:31— Focusing on business value and user interest 00:51:17— Data science in IndyCar Racing 01:06:09— Connecting w/ Alex 01:08:40— Intro to AI for Executive w/ IndyCar Racing

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